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Room Heat Calculator

Choose the right stove for the right room....

This calculator should only be used as a general guide and you should always seek professional advice when choosing your stove.  Please enter your room dimensions in feet or click the button if you prefer imperial measurement’s.

Calculating your heat

Please be aware that a number contributing factors can affect the required heat output of your stove. These include, but are not limited to; House Age, Installation of Stove (this should always be done by a qualified and registered installer), Voids / Vents, Ceiling height, Glazing’s, Insulation and other heating devices that you may have around your home. Stove heat output is generally measured in kW (kilowatts), the higher the kW the higher the stove heat output.  It is also worth noting that the engine of any stove is the chimney and this should provide a minimum flue draft of around 12 Pascal’s in order to get the best performance from any stove. A stoves burning rate can be controlled by adjusting the air-intake vents, this is useful when burning different types of fuel.
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